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Triangle Mark on the Palm and meaning

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Hi all. Today we are going to talk about Triangle Mark on the Palm and meaning it, A triangle mark on the palm can be a significant sign.

triangular shape located beneath the ring finger. indicates that in this life, or another, you have chosen to suppress your abilities. they are likely powerful, but potentially caused harm- intentionally, or not. (this does not mean they are unreachable, it more likely encourages you to work very consciously.)

Mercury mount – (The padded area beneath the little finger). A triangle mark here shows the ability for business, communcation and in influencing others. It can also be a sign of writing or science.

Apollo mount – (under the ring finger) depicts a craftsman, or someone who can manage fame or prosperity wisely.

Saturn mount – (under middle finger) depicts aptitude for serious studies, research and analysis, often in the field of the mystic or occult arts.

Jupiter mount – (under index finger) shows political wisdom and a unique talent in the art of diplomacy.

Inner Mars – (beneath Jupiter mount) reveals an aptitude for the military science and the ability to stay calm in warfare.

Venus mount – (ball of the thumb) shows skill in manipulating a marriage partner or to gain financially or materially from a union.

Mount of Moon – (opposite Venus mount) shows a gift for literary or artistic work. It may also strengthen the powers of intuition.

Outer Mars mount – (beneath Mercury mount) suggests an ability to manage conflict or the opposition against cruelty or dictatorship.

Plain of Mars (under the ring finger) can show a temporary triangle mark on the palm suggesting financial boost or home ownership. I had this mark temporarily before our home loan was approved, it slowly faded away.

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