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The main character of the M-shaped palm print that money never runs out

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“If you have an ‘M-shaped palm’ on your palm, you are more likely to become rich”
However, it must be a clear and perfect M-shape.

If you have an M-shaped line on the palm of your hand, you are more likely to succeed in the future.

The M-shaped palm, where the three lines of vitality, brain line, and emotion line perfectly meet in an M shape, means living a life full of luck and blessings.

It means that you have good intuition and good judgment and know how to deal with people.

Whenever there is a difficult situation, good fortune comes and overcomes difficulties better than others. If you are lucky enough to have a job, you can achieve success and fame in your field. Also, good fortune is good.

Celebrities with such M-shaped palms include Warren Buffett, Lee Kun-hee, and Barack Obama.

Chairman Lee Kun-hee, who served as the head of the Samsung family, ‘Korea’s leading company’, contributed to Korea’s academic, artistic, social development, and the promotion of human welfare, is a representative person with an M-shaped palm.

‘Ex-President Barack Obama also has an M-shaped palm’?
A fortune teller explained that the palmistry of former President Barack Obama is highly likely to achieve great achievements in the field he wants because he has a strong will and discipline.

Michael Jordan, the greatest player in history representing the world’s basketball, also has a clear M-shaped palm. Because of his large hands, the M-shape stands out.

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