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The Love line (Heart line) Everything you need to know

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“love line palm”. The love line is one of the three major lines in palm reading. It’s just above the wisdom line starting from the edge of the palm under the pinkie finger, runs across the palm and ends below the area between the middle finger and index finger.

If the line is longer and ends below the index finger, it represents a person’s affection which is more spiritual than physical, or if the line is shorter and ends below the middle finger, it is the opposite. If the line is thin and deep, the emotion is delicate and gentle. If the line is thick and shallow, the emotion is rough and wild.

If the line curves downwards below the middle finger, it indicates headstrong, irrational, or even forceful love.

If the line is long, with splits at the end, and curving downwards, it indicates stubborn love and a willingness to sacrifice everything for love.

If the beginning of the line (from the edge of the palm) has feather-like creases, the person is very passionate.

If your palm love line is arched. A bit of an arch in your heart line represents balance. Saucedo says this would be someone who puts themselves first and protects their heart, but remains open. You bring a level of emotional intelligence throughout your relationships, so you’re able to realize when you need to take care of yourself, and when you should let a potential partner in closer.

If at the end at the edge of the hand, you might find what looks like spikes or barbed wire right under the pinky. Congrats: You have strong, well-defined boundaries. “If you have a very open heart line and strong boundaries, you know who to let in and who to give your love to,” Saucedo says. If these lines are weaker or more shallow, let’s say strong boundaries aren’t your forte.

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