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Star palmistry location unexpected wealth

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Do you know what the lines of your palm can indicate or signify?These signs are believed to reveal the chances of you getting fortune and luck factor, famous in the world. Now, let’s take a look at your palm…

★ Star in bracelet lines:
If the bracelet lines have stars and the first and second lines are clear, it indicates you will get windfalls and unexpected wealth.

★ If you have a star at the mount of moon, it is said that such people are generally benefitted if they listen to their intuitions. If they listen to their gut feeling, that’s when they would become successful. If they do not, their opportunity becomes useless.

★ The area beneath your ring finger is called the mount of sun. If you have a star with 6 or 8 lines present in this part, then it means that you would get very famous. This star positioning is seen among the celebrities and big shots.

★ If you have a star in this position, just below the index finger, it shows that your administration skills are going to be superb. It is a sign of a great leader. There is nothing that could stop one from becoming a big leader in life if the person has this.

★ If the star is on one side of the sun line, it suggests you will have special good luck and you may get windfall which will bring you happiness. If the star is at the center of the sun line, it suggests that you will have extremely good luck and often get help from others; you will have higher social status and fame after some efforts and you may become a renowned celebrity or successful person if your fate line is also good.

★ The star on the Jupiter mount which is below the index finger is the most auspicious and it implies that you are smart, have good understanding, leading and management talent and you can comprehend by analogy; you will get success, wealth and great reputation after making great efforts and live a happy marriage life. The bigger the star, the more auspicious it is.

★ signifies a person with strong ties with rich and influential people. You tend to move in circles above your own social class and status, and your friends and acquaintances are only too happy to lift you up to their level.

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