You are currently viewing “STAR” Appears location at palm, it inauspicious sign.

“STAR” Appears location at palm, it inauspicious sign.

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A person’s hands in particular can be an accurate indicator of his or her destiny in work, love and life in general. the “STAR” which indicates different things depending on where it occurs on the palm.

☆ The star at the center of the palm is an inauspicious sign which suggests that you will have bad luck and you are self-willed and reckless, thus easily suffer a failure out of impulsion but you will remedy if you can correct the mistake.

☆ The star on the heart line implies the sudden illness, accident or accidental injury and suggests that you will break up with your lover or partner because of various factors.

☆ The star on the life line implies the physical problem and you should pay more attention to prevent in time. If the life line is broken and there is a star at the broken part, it suggests that you will have serious disease and you should be careful.

☆ A star on the ball of the thumb (Mount of Venus) can depict success in romantic affairs. The energy and passion is strong but might come at the expense or sacrifice of another matter.

☆ A star on Mercury mount beneath the pinkie shows a sudden rise in a business venture. However, on the negative side, it can point to dishonesty.

☆ A star on Saturn mount beneath the middle finger may depict restriction, confines or obstacles. There is usually some effort in legal matters.

☆ When a “star” sign appears at the base of the Mount of Venus it suggests misfortune caused by the opposite sex. You tend to be unlucky in love not because you are unattractive, but because you are never satisfied. When you feel betrayed or double crossed in love, you have the ability to enact revenge to sooth your jealousy. This can cause misfortune. You should work at keeping your temper under control, or you could end up the biggest loser.

☆ When a “star” sign appears on Lower Mars. it is a bad sign, as this is one of the clearest indications of misfortune. Life will tend to be full of challenges and obstacles. The more you want something, the harder it is to strive for it, as the more you persist, the further away your goal will drift from you. Those with this indication on their palm should learn to be happy with their lot; otherwise they will be constantly dissatisfied. Meditation will particularly benefit this kind of person.

☆ The star on the fate line suggests the change of fate, even the disaster or the death of parents in childhood. If the star is near the fate line, it suggests that you will make great achievements in work and you are good at management and leading.

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