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Not good life palm line, Location And Meaning

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The Life Line is a representation of my vitality and the length of my life. Since the line swoops down to below the base of the palm, it shows a life expectancy of about 90 years. Because the Life Line is long and deep, I will not only have a long life, but one full of vitality and health.

◍ The straight, deep and long Head Line that stretches across the palm shows I am a practical and logical person who often tends to be over-analytical even in respect to love relationships. The line is very straight and that means I am a realistic thinker.

◍ When there are lines that cross (bright blue solid line) through the Life Line, it is an indication there will be worries and/or danger. The star (dark blue circle) in the Life Line means that there will be some sort of crisis.

◍ If the other lines in your palm are clearly visible, but there is no life line, this is not a good sign. This may be a sign of poor health and a short life span. You may be sick very often throughout your life or you are more likely to have an accident.

◍ If A chained life line indicates that you were born with poor health. You will suffer from shattered health especially has a weak digestive system.

◍ If there is an island on the life line, it indicates the illness, accident or hospitalization in a certain time. The size of the island shows the severity and duration of the disease.

◍ If there is a short line parallel with the broken life line, either above or below the life line or a square connecting the two parts, you usually can turn danger into safety and fully recover although suffer serious disease.

◍ If a star is composed of three short lines, if it appears on the life line, it indicates illness. If the star appears on your broken life line, you should avoid suffering from serious illness suddenly.

◍ If there are many lines crossing through the life line, it shows that you usually have too much worries, have a poor health condition or meet countless difficulties during the life.

◍ If there are many downward branches at the end of life line, it indicates your physical condition is declining. Also, you may always feel tired and lonely.

◍ Tassels at the starting of the life line indicates a lonely life during the old age because there are no children around.

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