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Nose coronation! Shape and personality of the nose (wealth, health, personality)

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The nose is also the center of the face. The look of your nose implies a lot of words. Depending on the shape of your hook, raised tip, or raised nose, your nose tells a lot about you,… let’s learn a little more. Look in the mirror and find your nose among the types below.

※ A man with a large nostril and a large nostril, but a man with a raised nostril is good for money, so he has good money and money, but when viewed from the front, if his nostril looks like a wild nose from the front, the wall of waste is severe.

※ The tip of the nose. Relationship with money
A person with a big nose tip is a financial planner. If the tip of the nose is small or pointed, they don’t care much about money. The tip of the nose facing upward represents a pleasant and worry-free attitude. The tip of the nose facing down shows that he handles money wisely.

※ Cracked nose promise.
Women, watch out for the split nose! The crack in the nose is a red flag. It signals an appointment disorder. The fissure may be on the side of the tip of the nose or in the center just below.

※ Nostril width. Consumption habits!
Big nostrils point to a person who spends money generously. Small nostrils warn of vulgarity. Nose, family relationships. The nostril is the fleshy cartilage around the nostril. The thick nose is a close relationship. Thin nostrils speak of social indifference.

※ A man with a wide nose bridge.
A man with a slightly wider nose without a sharp nose is a man with a lot of affection and consideration. If you meet a man with such a nose, you can receive plenty of love. Conversely, if you have a narrow nose, there are many cases that are unaffected and selfish.

※ A long coronal with a clear philtrum.
A man with such a nose and philanthropy is healthy, has a good character, and shows heredity, her natural environment, and money. People with clear philanthropy generally receive the blessings of the family, so they have good physical strength and do not have to worry about their health.

※ Short nose refers to the case where it cannot reach under the ears when a straight line is drawn from the tip of the nose. If the nose is small and the flesh is poor, there are many cases in which the relationship with the family is weak and the life of many hardships occurs. People with small noses have weak self-esteem, not rich in feelings, and it is difficult to get along with their surroundings.

※ A nose with a small nostril.
If the nose is not developed and looks poor, the fortune is considered weak. I think the strength to cope with when difficulties arise and the relationship with the family are weak. Therefore, it is difficult to reconcile with their children, so it is easy to live a lonely and lonely life.

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