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‘Money line palm’ location and meaning your palm says about you

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Want to know whether you could earn enough money and lead a rich life? There are many signs indicating if you could be rich and acquire a good amount of wealth by reading your palm lines.

Money Line in palmistry there exist money lines. They are upright lines locating under the ring and little fingers.

● Under the fingers, on our palm, lies a deep, straight vertical line that indicates the presence of money, success and wealth in their life. If it is deep and clear, the person will have no problem in getting help from others, thus, increasing their chances of financial success. This line may be crooked, or there may also be other clear lines; this only means that you’ll have different sources of income.

● The ‘Surya Rekha’. This semi-circle that forms when your hands are joined together, can indicate the arrival of extreme wealth in their lives. This also means that the person may have had been rich throughout their lives, starting from their ancestors. There will never be a shortage of money or wealth in these people’s lives.

● If the lines are many, deep clear and straight, it shows you are smart, good at investing and could make a fortune. In addition, there are many magnates helping you in life. If you find your sun line is also straight and clear, you could both gain fame and wealth.

● The waved money lines show your fortune in wealth is not stable in life. You will have a lot of troubles in business or career. If you want to achieve success, it needs more effort to improve yourself no matter in ability or cultivation.

● The intermittent money lines often indicate bad wealth fortune. You will meet many difficulties in career or business management. In addition, if you are irritable and inpatient in personality, you belong to the person who has no ability to earn money.

● Once the money line and sun line are both crossed by the short horizontal lines, you should lookout for the petty men who may affect your fame and steal your wealth. Also, you need to avoid exposing wealth in public.

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