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“Luck palmistry” Luck at the end of the year (fortune in the elderly and descendants of fame)

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Among them, the luck of the end of life can be considered the most important because it includes all of the couple, children, wealth, and health. Please check your palm.!!!

  1. Thick and dark life line
    The life line is a line that surrounds the thumb and represents the health and fitness lifespan.
    A person with a thick and dark lifeline is full of vitality and has good resistance to disease and accidents. Even if he catches a cold, he gets better quickly, and he doesn’t do well in treating minor illnesses.
  2. It represents financial luck after the age of 50. It depends on where the lozenge direction is pointing.
    When facing the index finger, there is business luck, when facing the middle finger, there is creative ability luck, and when facing the small finger, there is windfall.
  3. A person who has a success line that starts above the emotional line is a person who has great luck in his later years.
    The things you usually do come back after you turn 50, and the money slowly rolls in.
  4. The success line that started above the intelligence line
    A person with a success line that starts above the intelligence line starts making money in their early 30s and has both money and fame.
  5. Palmistry for a happy last year
    The fate line is not in the middle of the palm, but from the emotional line to the middle finger.
    Palmistry with a line of fate is happy with success in his later years.
    From the beginning to the middle age, it is the palm of your hand that takes all the hard work. People with such palmistry need not be discouraged and keep working hard.
  6. The fourth wrinkle ‘Air Line’
    The person with the fourth line on the wrist is the luckiest person. Very few people have a fourth line.
    Those who have the fourth good can have all of wealth, fame, and health. They live a long and healthy life and have many descendants.
  7. Stretched Fate Line
    A straight line of fate. Palmistry with good luck throughout your life.

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