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Let’s check if my palmistry is rich palmistry!!!

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  1. The strong jaemulseon refers to the thick and long stretches from the bottom of the palm to just below the ring finger without breaking. The rich line above the sentiment line should have at least two strands.

He is bright, sociable, talented, and has a charming personality. He is a person who is always in pursuit of wealth and fame.
‘I have some money’ can be seen as a sign of confidence and satisfaction.

If the line of wealth extends long and thick to the bottom of the ring finger, it means that when you die, you can leave a legacy to your descendants.

  1. If the fate line and business line rise above the emotional line, indicating that professional activities are possible even in old age, the wealth line above the emotional line can be regarded as representing the wealth of old age.

It indicates that you are lucky to work even in old age, and that you can earn money while working. This type is often seen in people with strong fate lines.

If the wealth line is clearly shown above the emotional line, you can expect that even if you suffer a little in your youth, if you keep trying, you will eventually succeed in life, and you will be able to spend a happy old age, materially and mentally.

  1. The line of fortune is clear and thick, and the palmistry divided into three branches gives superior wealth than others.

However, if the line is weak and faint, it is the opposite meaning that wealth is scattered. It is easy to say that your income is not stable.

  1. Wealth is not determined solely by ant ships. It is the ‘just-clenched palm’, also called the monkey palm.
    The ‘clenched palm’ refers to the shape of a straight line by combining the life line, the brain line, and the emotional line.

Not only is it rich in deductibles, but it is also due to hard work and heavy exercise. However, it is said that not everyone becomes rich just because they have palms.

  1. M-shaped palmistry is also a palmistry that makes you rich.
    The three main lines, life, brain, and emotion, are connected to the M-shaped palmistry, and many wealthy people.

It’s called the palm you have! However, the hand that is surprisingly common around you. It’s also gold.

  1. [The trident palmistry, where business, wealth, and fate lines are gathered in a trident shape, is also a famous chaebol. It is said to be one of the rarer palmistry]
  2. Trident palmistry. A wealth ship, a fate ship, a business ship gathered in one place. It is said to be one of the rarer palmistry.

The line of fate that represents career and life path, the line of business that represents luck in business, and the line of wealth that represent wealth and success are all well developed. Not all trident palms are good. Palmistry should rise above the emotion line, and palmistry should be dark.

  1. Batjeon (田), well (井) palm print. Several lines are in the shape of a field, a well. Palmistry is a lucky palm for real estate investment or real estate-related wealth.

As a characteristic of palmistry, the third joint of the finger is usually chubby, and three vertical lines in the shape of a puncture appear on the third joint under the middle finger, and the red line is clearly visible under the little finger.

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