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”Health Line palm” Look at your palms

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The Health Line is a slanted line from the base of the pinkie finger toward the end of the Life Line. The line should be more accurately named “Bad Health Line”, and it is better not to have it at all.

A segmented line indicates problems with the digestion system.

An iron chain shaped line indicates problems with the respiratory system.

If there are circular creases on the beginning of the line, it indicates head, nose or throat problems, or if the creases are on the end of the line, it indicates problems with the urological system.

If broken A broken line shows that the function of digestive system is declining. If the lines are terraced, the situation would be worse.

If your health line is crossed by some short lines, it indicates a poor health and you may tend to be prone to accidents.

If the health line is very short or it’s composed of many short lines, it’s also an indication of ill health. You are weak and sick in life with such a kind of line.

If your health line arises from the Mount of Mercury which is located at the base of the little finger and a star appears at the starting point, you usually have no children in life. Also, you are easy to have problem in kidney and suffer gynecological disease.

If there is a triangle on the line, it hints you have some problem in mental health. You probably are psychologically unsound. If your head line is not good as well, you may suffer from a serious abnormal psychology.

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