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‘Good ear shape’ How to contemplate wealth ears

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Ears are important for seeing life, health, wealth and honor. Aren’t you curious about how you can tell by the shape of your ears? Let’s look at the coronal interpretation of each ear shape and size. Let’s take a look at.

Big ears Compared to the face, if you have big ears and a lot of flesh, you will have a long lifespan and good fortune.

‘Monkey Ears’ It is said that monkey ears with large, round ears are gifted, and it is said that everything they touch is good for a lifetime.
Ears with the lobe hanging down. It is often referred to as the Buddha’s ear, but it is said that there are many successful people with a determined personality and bright and cheerful nature.

The thick and elongated earlobes are called the ears of the Buddha, also called the ears of Buddha (actually, the ears of Buddha are both male and female ears). Lee Soon-jae, Lee Soo-man, etc.

The ears rise above the eyebrows and are thick, round, and glossy ears. This means that the top of the ear is positioned above the eyebrows. In this case, it is a prize that will make your life richer, and it is a prize that will increase your rank in the group you are in and you will become wealthy.

If you have a wart in your ear, you will give birth to a precious child, and that child will become a disgraceful child.

If the ear gate is wide, it is the ear contemplation of a person who is wise and has great aspirations.
If the ears are red and shiny, it is easy to go to public office, if they are white, they are famous, and if they are dark, they are poor. Therefore, when looking at the ear contemplation, it is necessary to take a good look at it. The color of the ears is judged the same whether it is a female ear or a male ear.

Lastly, the ears are good for women who do not have ear cheeks and have round ears, and the thicker and larger the ear cheeks, the more money they will earn. Narrow, sharp ears are the type of scholar who is knowledgeable and loves to learn.

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