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Different types palm lucky lines

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The good sign on your palm will certainly have a positive impact on one’s life, but maybe not to the extent you expect. Does your palm show some good luck signs? See what kind of good luck you have

Money triangle

A combination of head, money and mercury line form a money triangle. Do not assume this line to bring you luck. In fact to simplify it why it brings money is for the qualities it brings with itself. A stable money line means stability in money. Sane stable decisions are depicted by the stable thought process. A deep clear Mercury line means skills the person has accumulated in his life.

M sign in palmistry

M sign is found on 85% plus people’s palms. Your servants, cleaners and unemployed people do have M sign on their palms. Undoubtedly there is no such sign as M sign in hand reading and it’s not a lucky sign.

Marriage line connected to sun line

This the hand image with marriage line lined up to the sun line. This characteristic predicts the best marriage fate for both men and women. If it happened in the woman’s hand, it means that she can be married to the rich family. It is the hand image that expresses one’s envy. If it happens in man’s hand, it means that he can get the wife who gives the helping hand for his destiny. She helps him give the fastest successful route.

Line of mercury

There is a vertical line happened in the base of the mercury finger. It is the hand image that has the fate of the money. However, if you are just self-satisfied, your fate of money will not open to you. It is necessary that you can find a suitable career according to your personality. You should work hard to get the positive critique.


They are the lines appeared on the wrist. It can be one line, or many lines. If there are three lines, it is the characteristic of the healthy man.

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