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Bad Heart Line in Palmistry, Location And Meaning.

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The heart line (also called love line) begins under the little finger, also known as the Mercury finger and moves uppermost on your hand, under all the fingers. now, What’s a Bad Heart Line

● If your heart line is short (only extends to the middle finger) or absent, it shows you are self-centered, ruthless, narrow-minded and like to act arbitrarily without thinking about the consequences. Thus, you are easy to be ostracized by the people around and become lonely. For your love life, it’s also not smooth.

● If owning a downward curved line, it indicates a negative and weak character. You usually give others an uneasy feeling because you don’t dare to chase and express your love feelings. So, there are twists and turns with your love relationship or marriage life.

● If the line is double forked at the beginning of the heart line, it indicates disputes on marriage

● If there are many downward splits, your marriage is easy to break up.

● If your heart line splits at the end and curves downwards, it indicates willingness to sacrifice everything for love.

● If the line is broken or a large gap, it indicates extreme hardship in relationship and instability or break down for the marriage. It also shows you usually spend wastefully and hard to save money

● If the line goes intermittently, it shows you are capricious, a bit neurotic and impulsive. You are hard to enjoy a happy love life.

● If your love line has a shape of iron chain, it shows you are sentimental. once there are a lot of chains, you would have a lot of emotional entanglements. Especially during your middle age, you may suffer marriage crises.

● If there is a cross on the heart line, it means your career, study and life are usually tied down by your love. Your love partner may have a tendency to die because of you.

● If you find there are many short lines cutting the heart line, it’s not a good sign. It indicates pains, unhappiness and failure of love life. The career is hard to progress because of the interference of some base persons. Especially after your middle age, you would lead a hard life. In addition, you are easy to suffer from hypertension or diabetes in the old age.

● If doubled heart line it also shows you could accept two relationships at the same time.

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