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Bad Health Line Palmistry (Bad Health, Bad Injury or Illness)

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The health line is a line that starts from Suseong-gu just below the body and runs in an incline towards the lower part of the life line.
Today, we will study how to read palmistry. Bad health palmistry… Features What is the hidden meaning? What type are you?

  1. A straight horizontal line that appears slightly higher than the lower part of the Moon Hill.
    If a horizontal line appears slightly above the bottom of the wolgu, this is also a kind of health line and indicates gastrointestinal diseases caused by poor diet. If this line becomes longer and overlaps with the life line, it suggests that the disease is getting worse.
  2. A health line that departs from the emotional line.
    In the case of a healthy line that has no width and touches the life line at the end, it is a sure sign of heart disease or weak heart function.
  3. When the origin of the health line is divided into two small strands.
    A health line that splits in two on the hill of Mercury. This phase is an indication that the constitution is weakened and senescence is rapid. The abnormality is also a sign of sexual dysfunction due to excessive sexual intercourse, or sexual disturbance due to excessive drinking.
  4. A branch line that crosses the life line and touches the health line.
    If it crosses the life line and touches the health line, the life line is blurred, or if the intersection of the two lines appears as a line, it suggests that you may die.
  5. When the line of health crosses the line of life.
    Intersecting at any part of the life line is an indication that life is at risk at that intersection. Such a crisis is caused by a disease, but if the thickness and strength of the two lines are the same, it is a sign suggesting a crisis of death.
    And it also suggests that life-threatening situations arise at the age marked by this intersection.
  6. If the health line is chained.
    If the health line is chained. This is indicative of pulmonary tuberculosis. People like this have long oval-shaped nails, like an inverted spoon.
  7. If an island appears on the health line.
    An island on the health line indicates that you have some disease. And the larger the island, the greater the severity of the disease. Islands appear on any part of the health line to indicate that they are ill. If there is an island below the health line. This award predicts kidney or bladder disease
  1. When a square door appears on the health line.
    If a square door appears on the line of health, this square door means internal surgery. At this time, it should not be forgotten that it should be observed along with the life line.
  2. A glottis appears on the line of health under the ring finger.
    If a glottis appears on the health line under the ring finger, it is a sign that you have a bad eye disease. There is a risk of becoming blind among dogs. Lines like this on a woman’s hand indicate infertility.
  3. If the health line is tortuous.
    This award indicates liver disease or kidney disease. If this type of line is yellow, you have liver disease.
  4. If the health line is cut into pieces.
    These kinds of health lines are very common. A person with a weak constitution is a person with a weak stomach or a gastrointestinal disease. Therefore, this line is a sign of indigestion.
  5. The health line is thin and radially engraved with a lot of palms.
    It is mostly engraved on the left hand of women. It often means a disorder of the gastrointestinal system. It is a line that is often engraved on people who have been stressed for a long time, and there are many cases where they share the love story at the same time.
  6. The line of health or radiation stretches and then spreads to the entire palm.
    As the nickname of the healthy line is called the unhealthy line, it is a state of health that does not exist in the first place. An increase in the number of healthy glands indicates that the health is undermined and the internal functions are burdened.
    It is similar, but chronic consumption of alcohol, tobacco, drugs, etc. increases the radioactive glands. To say that the increase in the ear glands means that the internal function is overloaded, and the cause is excessive stress and excessive drinking. drug abuse, etc.

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