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Admiration of the lips! How to look at the lips (real personality, wealth…)

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‘Contemplation of lips’! In contemplation, the lips see affection, willpower, life force, and wealth.
We will look at the size of the mouth and the thickness and shape of the lips together with personality and love luck.

◆ Those with clear outlines of the lips People with transparent lines on the upper lip are those who have grown economically. Conversely, those whose lips are not clearly outlined and give an unpleasant impression are those who grew up in a relaxed manner, both men and women.

If your lips are clearly outlined but you are not economically relaxed, you will be enriched in the future, otherwise your honor and status will increase. If the mouth is more developed than the nose, it can be seen that there is too much greed compared to income.

◆ Big mouth. They have tolerance, action, and leadership, and they have excellent skill. That is why all of the politicians and people who have left great achievements have big and good mouths.

The big mouth represents wealth and longevity, has practical power, and has a great charm that attracts people. However, a woman with a large mouth has the character of a maid and will support her home and husband.

◆ Thick lips. He is self-directed, stubborn, and aggressive.
Once you have doubts, you judge negatively and critically.
Being energetic, there is a possibility that affection problems may arise. People with large, thick lips have a strong sexual desire. Especially if the upper lip is thick, the affection is deep.

◆ small mouth. Small mouthed women make men feel paternal, speak well and lead men well. And men with small mouths make women feel maternal. She also said that although she has a delicate character, she is weak-willed and is prone to temptation and exploitation.

◆ If the upper lip comes out. They have excellent verbal skills and a lot of persuasion, so there is no difficulty in living the world.

.Wrinkle-free lips are self-centered, arrogant, and good-looking. Inability to be humble leads to difficulties in human relationships.

◆ Light lips. Self-subjectiveness is not clear and passive but strong sense of responsibility. It’s cold, sober, and profitable due to the lack of aftermath. They have a lot of envy and jealousy, and their spirit of challenge is quite weak. Especially if the upper lip is light, it does not give affection.

.Lips in. Because I am weak, passive, and introverted, I tend to avoid quarrels. Responsible, attentive, and very at home. Often they are too careful to express their thoughts.

◆ If the upper lip is wider than the lower lip, it has a dull and insidious meaning, and it is said that the eight are ugly. It is said that if the lower lip is too high in height compared to the upper lip, sexual appeal is greater, and if the upper and lower swelling is weak, it is said to be intelligent and if the swelling feeling is strong, it will look emotional. It is said that the shape of the mouth is small to be dignified, and if the mouth is large, the sexual attraction is emphasized.

◆ Lips that are like the four are going to succeed. The’good four-shaped lips’ in meditation are usually firmly closed. It is said that it is best if the lips shine and have a good balance.
It is the lips that are often seen in bright, talented or educated people. You will be rich in wealth and talented in your work, so you can naturally rise to high positions.

◆ The crescent-shaped lips are clever brain waves.
He is talented in writing and literature, and it is a prize that makes a name for himself even if he is buried in the jail. I like my fortune in the last years, so I make a lot of money in the last years. We will take on high positions in business and will be on the road to success. Not only that, it will delight you every time you meet.

◆ Triangle-shaped mouth. Things don’t go well and there is no relationship with the offspring.

-Lips without wrinkles. Self-centered, arrogant and proud. Inability to be humble leads to difficulties in human relationships.
-Mouth with lower chin. There is no affection
-Lips with many transverse wrinkles. Blood, flesh and ties are a lonely fate in the end of the persecution.

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